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When it comes to the best cash counting machines on the market, look no further than MIXVAL. Our collection of money counters, counterfeit detectors, and thermal printers are equipped with all of the key features and benefits that are necessary to bring your money handling efficiency to the next level.

Premium cash counters have never been more accessible to every level of user. The level of value achieved with these systems is unmatched by any other in the same relative categories. Your investment will quickly offer ROI as it will free up your employees’ time to perform other tasks while the machines do all of the work. No one can count as fast as a MIXVAL money machine.

Our line of currency handling machines includes three models for various levels of users. The MV1 is an entry-level system, the MV2 is a bank-grade option, and the MV3 is a premium machine built for large banks and corporations. All models employ a multi-step authentication process that detects counterfeit bills and prevents them from entering your account. Plus they operate at speeds up to 1,200 bank notes per minute. In addition to cash counting systems, we offer a thermal printer that connects to the MV1 and MV2 to offer on-demand printing of serial numbers for records and audit protection.

Stop hassling with manual counting each bill, and then counting over again when your mind wanders. Instead, focus on other tasks by choosing a MIXVAL cash counting system for your business today. Whether you sell your products at the local farmers market, you are a worldwide banking institution needing to upgrade your machines, or anything in-between, you can find the perfect money handling units to suit your professional requirements at MIXVAL.