Mix Money Counting with Unity, Precision, and Perfection

At MIXVAL, our goal is to service our customers with the most innovative, efficient, and precision-based cash counting solutions in the industry. We are based out of Los Angeles, California, and have designed and perfected some of the best cash counting machines in the world, all with the underlying objective to make these machines affordable, without sacrificing quality. We’ve employed the use of only the best materials and the highest-performing parts in the manufacture of our systems. As such, we have gained a huge client base across various industries, including banks, businesses, retail shops, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and many more.

We know that all of our customers --no matter their industry-- value accuracy, convenience, efficiency, and security, and we have built the MIXVAL brand to exceed those expectations and fill any business’ cash counting needs.

Designed in the USA

All of our units were meticulously designed in the USA to the most stringent, top-quality standards, helping to ensure that you, our patrons, receive only the best of the best.

Our Clients

As a customer of MIXVAL, we want you to feel confident in your purchases with the assurance that every investment you make into one of our currency counting or sorting solutions is a smart decision. Just a few of our customers include: government agencies, banks, credit unions, convenience stores, retail shops, restaurants, charity organizations, and nonprofits; but anyone who needs to efficiently, accurately, and affordably count money can benefit from a MIXVAL cash counting machine. We also partner with authorized dealers to offer wholesale pricing, MIXVAL support, and protect their customer list. Click here to find out more about becoming a MIXVAL dealer.

Our History

MIXVAL was founded by two natives from Los Angeles, California, with over a decade of experience in the industry. After spending so much time working with these products, they were able to witness gaps in the industry while gaining a true understanding for the customers’ needs; and had a dream to fill those needs. That’s when they joined forces to create MIXVAL with the goal to meet the cash counting needs of any and every business, and to offer a dramatic improvement to the value of a typical money counting system.

Here for You

We’re here for you, through every step of your shopping, purchasing, and practical use process. You may get in touch with us at any time using the contact information below. If we are ever unable to answer your call, please rest assured that we will get back to you as quickly as we possibly can. We value your time and your business.