Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions



  1. Applicability
    The following provisions are applicable for the relationship between MIXVAL, hereinafter to be referred to as the Supplier, and customers making purchases from MIXVAL, hereinafter to be referred to as the Customer, on the MIXVAL website mixval.com, hereinafter to be referred to as the Website.

  2. Agreement
    The goods and services displayed on the Website form an offer by the Supplier to the Customer and are subject to these general terms and conditions. Any order placed on the Website by the Customer to the Supplier forms an acceptance of the offer and is subject to all of the following terms and conditions.

  3. Availability
    Any offer made by the Supplier is subject to the availability of the good(s) in question. If any of the good(s) are not in stock or readily available, the entire offer is considered to be null and void.

  4. Prices
    1. All prices listed on the Website are in USD United States Dollars. The prices displayed on the Website at the time the Customer places an order is the price of the good(s).
    2. All prices are subject to printing and typing errors. The Customer agrees that the Supplier accepts no liability for the consequences of printing and typing errors. In the case of this event, the Supplier is not responsible nor obligated to deliver the good(s).
    3. The prices listed on the Website are void of any applicable taxes and shipping prices, which are to be borne by the Customer. The taxes and shipping costs will be specified during the ordering process and stated on the order confirmation and invoice.
    4. Customers outside of the United States of America may incur increased shipping costs and other fees such as export documentation and brokerage fees, as well as import duties, fees, and taxes. These fees, whether stated here or otherwise, are to be paid solely by the Customer. These fees will not be calculated on the Website, nor included on the order confirmation. These fees are determined by the importing country location and are not charged by the Supplier.
  1. Payment
    1. Payment from the Customer to the Supplier will take place in advance in the manner stated on the Website. The Supplier will not deliver ordered good(s) until after payment has been received.
    2. The Supplier has fraud protection policies in-place to protect itself against fraudulent orders and payments.The Supplies may make use of a fraud detection software and programs to assist in the execution of policies. These detection services occasionally reject orders that are not fraudulent. The Customer agrees not to hold the Supplier responsible for the cancellation of an order if it is rejected on the bases of potential fraud.
    3. In the event of a payment being reversed or retracted by the Customer, or if the payment fails to process, full payment is due immediately. For orders in which the Supplier grants the Customer net credit terms, full payment is due from the Customer within 30 days from the date that the order was placed/invoiced. A monthly interest fee with a rate equivalent to 10% per annum will be charged on all outstanding balances. These rates are subject to change and may vary depending on the Customer’s credit history, score, and references.

  1. Delivery
    1. Delivery periods and delivery dates stated on the Website are best estimates, and therefore not binding. The Supplier will attempt to meet these quoted delivery time frames as much as possible, however, inability to do so does not grant the Customer the right to terminate the agreement or demand compensation for any losses.
    2. When only part of an order is available, the Supplier has the right to offer the shipment as a partial or to hold the order and ship complete once the entire order is available.
  1. Transport and Delivery
    1. The good(s) ordered by the Customer will be shipped to the delivery address provided by the Customer at the time of the order placement. The shipping address will be noted on the order confirmation. Transportation to this address will take place in a manner determined at the Supplier’s discretion.
    2. Ownership of and risk of loss of the ordered good is transferred to the Customer upon delivery.
    3. “Delivery” is defined as the moment of handover of the good(s) from the transport company to the Customer. Handover may be done directly (a transport company representative hands an item directly to the Customer) or indirectly (a transport company representative leaves the good(s) at the Customer’s door). Ownership and risk of loss transfer at the time of either direct or indirect delivery.

  1. Complaints and Discrepancies
    1. The Customer must check the delivered good(s) immediately upon delivery to confirm that the contents are in accordance with the order confirmation. Any discrepancies between the order confirmation and the delivered good(s) must be brought up to the Supplier within 48 hours of delivery. If notice is not provided by the Customer to the Supplier of a discrepancy within the 48 hour period, the Customer automatically affirms that the delivery has been completed in accordance with the order confirmation.
    2. The Customer must check the delivered good(s) immediately upon delivery for damage. The Customer must notify the Supplier of any damage within 48 hours of delivery. If notification of damage is not received within 48 hours of delivery, the Customer affirms that the good was received in satisfactory condition. If damage is reported within the 48 hour window and the damage is attributable to the Supplier, the Supplier will send a new good as replacement, or will refund the purchase amount, taxes, and shipping costs. The choice of sending a replacement or making a refund will be at the sole discretion of the Supplier.
    3. If good(s) become defective within seven (7) days of delivery to the Customer, the Supplier will replace the good(s) and bear the cost of shipping for both the returned defective good(s) and the replacement good(s) as a part of the Defective Goods Policy. To qualify for this policy, the Customer must notify the Supplier and, after receiving approval from the Supplier, submit a return request through the Website. The defective good(s) being returned must be returned in original packaging; any defective good(s) not returned in original packaging is not eligible for replacement according to the terms of this paragraph and will instead be treated as a warranty repair according to the terms of article 10.
    4. The Customer will not return good(s) to the Supplier without a prior approved RMA (returned merchandise authorization) number assignment. To obtain an RMA, the Customer must follow the return instructions as described on the Website. The return shipment of the good(s) must have been received by the Supplier no later than 14 days after the RMA is issued.

  1. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    1. The Customer is entitled to return ordered good(s) to the Supplier within 30 days of delivery. The Supplier will use its best effort to refund the purchase price of the good(s) within 30 days of receipt of the returned good. Shipping costs of the good(s) to the Customer and return shipping costs for the return of the good(s) back to the Supplier are not included in the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. The Customer bears the shipping costs and risk for returning the good(s) back to the Supplier under the terms of the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Condition for refunding the purchase price of the good is that the Customer has handled the good and its packaging carefully and that the good is returned in its original packaging and that all manuals, cables, adapters, packaging, and other components are returned with the good(s). The refund of the purchase price of the good(s) may be reduced or rejected if the Customer returns a damaged or incomplete good or if the item has been obviously used or if any components delivered with the good are missing. The Customer must only unpack or use the good to the extent necessary in order to determine the nature, characteristics, and operation of the good. The provisions in this paragraph do not affect the provisions in article 8a and 8b.
    2. The Customer will not return good(s) to the Supplier without a previously authorized RMA. To obtain an RMA, the Customer must follow the specified return instructions as described on the Website. The return of the good(s) must be received by the Supplier no later than fourteen (14) days after the RMA is issued.
    3. The money-back guarantee referred to in article 9a does not apply to software provided by the Supplier with regard to which (i) the seal has been broken or (ii) the software has been downloaded from the website. This software cannot be returned and the Customer will not be entitled to a refund of the purchase amount.
    4. Goods purchased as part of a bundle offer, in which respect a good has been offered for free on the purchase of one or more goods, whether different or the same, can only be returned together. If the Customer returns a good from a bundle offer without returning the good received for free, the Supplier will be entitled nevertheless to charge the Customer for the good received for free. The same applies if the Customer has received a discount in the context of the purchase of multiple goods. If the Customer returns one or more of these multiple goods, the Supplier will be entitled to withdraw the discount and nevertheless charge the amount corresponding to this to the Customer.

  1. Force majeure
    If the Supplier cannot meet its obligations, or can only meet them with difficulty, as a result of force majeure, it will be entitled wholly or partially to suspend or terminate the agreement with the Customer without judicial intervention. In such cases, the obligations under the agreement will wholly or partially be ended, without the parties being entitled to claim any compensation for loss or any other benefit from one another. In the event of partial compliance by the Supplier, the Supplier will return and transfer the part of the purchase amount pertaining to the part not complied with.

  2. Warranty
    1. The manufacturer, MIXVAL, warrants the proper functioning of the good(s) supplies for a period of time that varies depending on the good(s) in question. The duration of the warranty period is listed on the Website for each individual good. The website also states under which conditions the warranty period can be extended. "Proper" means that the good possesses the properties which may be expected of it on the grounds of the agreement for the duration of the warranty period listed on the website for each good. If the delivered good(s) display a fault during this period, the Customer will be entitled to a repair of the good(s) under the warranty honored by MIXVAL.
    2. If the Customer needs to make use of the warranty provided by the manufacturer, the Customer should contact the Supplier according to the terms of this agreement. The Supplier acts as the manufacturer’s local representative in the U.S. and assists in the handling of warranty claims. In its role as representative, the Supplier can choose to either replace the good with one which is at least equivalent or refund the purchase price rather than execute a repair if, in the Supplier’s opinion, the repair cannot reasonably be executed. For the avoidance of doubt, any and all warranty claims, as well as any resulting replacement of goods, reimbursements or payments of any kind related to the warranty, are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. The Customer agrees that the Supplier does not offer any warranty of any kind, does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the warranty and is not responsible in any way for the approval or payment of any warranty claims as the warranty is extended solely by the manufacturer. The Supplier may assist in replacing goods or making payments, but it does so only in an assisting role on behalf of the manufacturer and does not assume any responsibility for the warranty.
    3. With regard to the good repaired or replaced on the grounds of article 11a, the original commencement date of the warranty period will remain applicable. A new warranty period therefore does not commence for a repaired or replaced good.
    4. The warranty referred to in 11a does not cover faults and defects which are wholly or partially the result of:
      1. incorrect, careless or inexpert use, or noncompliance with operating instructions or maintenance rules;
      2. use in a manner other than that which is deemed normal use by the manufacturer;
      3. external causes, such as fire damage or water damage;
      4. assembly, installation, or the reversal of these by parties other than the Supplier;
      5. the use of materials or goods which were provided by the Customer to the Supplier for processing or which were used at the instructions or request of the Customer;
      6. application of working methods and constructions according to the instructions of the Customer;
      7. application of statutory regulation;
      8. modifications not authorized in writing by the Supplier which are realized by the Customer or a third party in the products or in parts thereof which are supplied by the Supplier or are installed by or on behalf of the Supplier in the context of guarantee or maintenance;
      9. normal wear and tear;
      10. products or parts which the Supplier has sourced from a third party, as the third party in question has not provided a guarantee to the Supplier.
    5. The warranty referenced will lapse in full if the Customer has not paid for the good(s) in full in the time agreed upon by the Customer and the Supplier.
    6. The warranty referenced is null and void if the Customer repairs the good itself or has this act carried out by a third party.
    7. Work and the costs of repairs outside the context of this warranty will be charged to the Customer by the Supplier in accordance with its customary fees.
    8. If the Supplier deems it necessary in the context of the realization of the warranty obligations, the goods will be transported by the customer and at the expense and risk of the customer to a location to be determined by the Supplier.

  1. Supplier Liability
    1. The liability of the Supplier is limited to compliance with the warranty as described in 11 and is valued up to the amount paid out for the case in question under liability insurance of the Supplier.
    2. Except in the case of 12.a provision, liability of the Supplier is excluded.
    3. Without prejudice to the provisions in article 8a and article 8b of these terms and conditions, each liability will lapse if the customer does not notify the Supplier in writing of the existence of a fault within five (5) days of discovery of the fault or of the time at which any fault should reasonably have been discovered. This article has no effect on 8a and 8b and only pertains to situations not covered by said articles.

  1. Counterfeit Detection Disclaimer
    MIXVAL incorporates advanced counterfeit detection technology in its goods that offer detection and notification of currencies that do not pass the multi-zone checks. As this technology continues to advance, the incorporated technology may become bypassed. The Supplier does not guarantee the authenticity of any bank note or currency. The Customer agrees not to hold the Supplier responsible for any and all damages related to the receipt of any such banknotes or counterfeit currencies.

  2. Cloud Service
    If the Customer chooses to participate in any cloud service associated with a MIXVAL good, they agree to the processing agreement associated with that service.

  3. Return Shipments
    An RMA is required for all return shipments. The Customer agrees to obtain a RMA by following the return instructions as found on the Website. If the Customer does not have an RMA, the Supplier will be entitled to refuse the return shipment. Taking receipt of a return shipment does not imply acknowledgement or acceptance by the Supplier of the reason for the return shipment stated by the Customer. The risk pertaining to a return shipped good remains with the Customer until the Supplier has received the returned good.

  4. Applicable Law
    The obligations between the Supplier and the Customer as referred to in article 1 will be subject to the laws of the State of California, to the exclusion of all other countries’ and states’ laws.

  5. General
    1. If one or more of the provisions in the agreement between the Supplier and the Customer – including these general terms and conditions – are void or become legally invalid, the rest of the agreement will remain in force. The parties will consult with one another regarding the provisions which are void or are deemed legally invalid, in order to make a replacement arrangement.
    2. The headings articles contained in these terms and conditions only serve as an indication of the subjects to be covered by said articles; no rights are to be derived from them.
    3. The failure by the Supplier to invoke these terms and conditions in any case does not imply a waiver of the right to do so at a later stage or in a subsequent case.
    4. Wherever applicable, the word “Customer” must also be read as “Customers”, and vice versa.
  1. Language
    These general terms and conditions have been drawn up in the English language. In the event of a dispute regarding the content or tenor of these general terms and conditions, the English text is binding. This text is not a legal document.

  2. Disputes
    Any disputes which may occur in the context of the agreement to which these general terms and conditions are applicable, or in the context of subsequent agreements related to it are subject to the laws of the State of California and may only be put before the competent court as designated by the Supplier.

Terms of Use

If you do not agree to the MIXVAL terms of use, you must not use the Website.

  1. All information on the Website is posted at the discretion of MIXVAL and can be amended, removed, or changed at any time, without notice.

  2. The Supplier does not guarantee that all information on the Website is correct. No rights may be derived from the information on the Website. Each use of the Website is performed at the Customer’s own risk. The Supplier will not be held liable for damage or loss that occurs or could occur as a result of direct or indirect use of the information on the Website.

  3. Any personal information from the Customer will only be collected by the Supplier in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Website, as published.

  4. Downloading or acquiring information from the Website is done so at the Customer’s own risk. The Customer is responsible for any damage or loss to any computer system or data arising from downloading such materials.

  5. All information on the Website is protected by intellectual property rights including but not limited to copyright, including but not limited to all text, photos, images, logos, graphics, and illustrations displayed. It is not permitted to store any part of the Website for personal or professional use, frame it, or reproduce it without written permission from MIXVAL.

  6. Use of the trade name and trademark rights to the name MIXVAL, and use of the  trademark right to the MIXVAL logo are held by MIXVAL. The use and reproduction of these assets are reserved exclusively for MIXVAL and their group of companies and licenses. Use of these assets is forbidden without expressed written permission from an authorized officer of MIXVAL.

  7. All terms and use are subject to California law. Any disputes arising from the use of the Website and/or the information derived from the Website can only be put before the designated court.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. MIXVAL collects certain data from the Customer and this privacy policy will explain what we collect, why we collect it, and what rights you have over the data collected. Please read this policy carefully before using the Website or making a purchase.

Why We Collect Information

Information is collected to help personalize and improve the user experience on our website. It helps us to:

  • Process orders and deliver products/services
  • Process payments and discount coupons
  • Communicate with you about orders, products, services, and special offers
  • Amend your data
  • Keep the account information you have with us up to date
  • Display content including wishlists, customer assessments, product advice, product comparisons, and more
  • Make recommendations for additional products and services that may interest you based on your browsing or purchasing history
  • Prevent and detect fraudulent activity on the Website
  • Enable third parties to perform technical, logistic, and other functions on our behalf

Information We Collect

We collect and store information that you enter on MIXVAL.com, including name, delivery address, billing address, VAT numbers, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and other information entered in connection with your orders, invoicing, and payment. This includes, but is not limited to, information regarding product registration and warranties.

We collect automated data transmitted to us when you use MIXVAL.com, such as cookies. If you wish to do so, you may opt out of cookies using a third party program of your choice. Cookies are used to personalize your experience,help you pick up where you left off, make product recommendations, etc.

When you opt-in to our email newsletters, and if your computer/email system supports such a thing, we receive a confirmation when the email is opened and viewed. This information helps us improve our emails to make them more relevant to our customers. You can opt-out of email subscriptions at any time.

Using and Sharing Information

We never share or sell your information to persons outside of MIXVAL. All information collected is used solely for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy or for mandatory legal requirements. Information is not saved after any legal retention time frame has expired, and your information is no longer usable to benefit your experience. Information is only used in these instances: if you give us permission to do so; if the law allows or demands this of us; with other companies who supply services to us; or to the legal successor of the company.

Third Party Vendors

Occasionally MIXVAL will elicit the services of outside companies or persons who perform specific functions on our behalf. Some examples of these functions include, but are not limited to, the processing of orders, delivery of packages, sending e-mails, posting, removing duplicated data on customer lists, data analysis, marketing support, payment processing, customer care, etc. These hired agents are granted access only to the data they require to perform their hired duty. All agents sign a contract to comply with the strict vendor privacy policy guidelines.

Special Offers
Occasionally we will send special offers via email to our MIXVAL customers on behalf of a separate company. When this occurs, the company is not provided with any of your personal information. You may always opt-out of these emails with the unsubscribe button.

Protecting MIXVAL
Only in the situation of accordance with legal requirements, MIXVAL will provide data to appropriate law enforcement agencies. We reserve the right to amend any policies, conditions, and agreements at any time, and without notice. We reserve the right to protect our rights, our property, and the safety of MIXVAL.com, our users, and others.

If in some cases there is a processing relationship, we conclude the agreement with this party. This covers exchanging data with other businesses for protection against fraud and the limiting of credit risk. The following actions are not covered: selling, renting, sharing, or making public in any other way personal data of customers for commercial purposes in any way that infringes the commitments made in this privacy statement.

Your Permission

In any case other than those stated in this Privacy Policy, you will be informed and have the decision to grant permission when information about you could be shared with third parties. You are entitled to withdraw your permission at any time by emailing info@mixval.com.

Security Measures

MIXVAL takes all reasonable and appropriate measures to secure the privacy of your personal information against loss and misuse/unlawful processing, as deemed by MIXVAL. These measures take into account technology available, scale, implementation costs/nature, context, and processing services. These measures are also intended to prevent unnecessary collection of further information other than that required and stated in this policy. You may request a current summary of technical security measures at any time by emailing info@mixval.com.


When you register an account with MIXVAL you will have the option to sign up for our emailed newsletters. You can change your contact preferences at any time from your account dashboard. You can also unsubscribe directly from the emails at any time.

Other Websites

MIXVAL.com may contain links to other websites. Our privacy and security policies do not extend to any website outside of MIXVAL.com.

Policy Updates

This policy replaces all previous versions and is valid from 2020 and onward. We reserve the right to change this, or any other policy at any time, and without warning or notification.

Questions About Your Data

If you want to eliminate all of the data collected from MIXVAL.com, you can amend your data on the “my account” dashboard of the website, or contact us at info@mixval.com. You may also raise an objection or restriction to the processing.